One of the things about modeling the T-28 that has amazed me is the desire of Modelers to seek unique color schemes. The irony is that in the modeling world the rarest paint schemes are those that were the most common in actual use.

The vast majority of T-28B's and T-28C's for that mater were actually in VT-2 or VT-3 yet I know of only one T-28 being built from those squadrons (2 counting my own).

At the introduction of the T-28 into the training squadrons the aircraft were painted yellow. For a short period of time there was a green bar around the fuselage just aft of the canopy. The Navy continued to paint trainers yellow up until about 1958. Starting in about 1959 Navy T-28s in training squadrons began being painted white with a day-glow orange trim around the cowl, rudder, and wing tips. In 1960 the day-glow orange was replaced by day-glow red as the orange faded too fast. This color scheme still continues to this day in current training aircraft.

I had a great deal of difficulty coming up with the Federal Standard Numbers for the paint so I have provided them in the two examples below.

Chrome Yellow

White and Red

A note of caution: Federal Standard Numbers which begin with a "1" indicate gloss, although new paint jobs were in fact painted with a gloss, the gloss did not last long at all before the paint faded. Therefore to achieve a weathered look replace the first digit with a "2" for semi-gloss.